New PC build randomly rebooting

I just built a new computer and I'm having issues with random restarts. The computer ran fine the first day but my ATX 4 pin cable from my PSU was a little bit short so I added an extension cable. This is when I started noticing the restarts. I figured I had gotten a bad cable. I removed it and began running my computer again and then my pc restarted again. Pretty lost as to what the issue was this time.

I tried double checking everything on my PC as well as my BIOS settings. I tried running my comp again the next day and it stayed on and ran beautifully. I figured it must have been something with the BIOS not being flashed after running the extension cable. I don't know.

Later that night my girlfriend gets home and I'm on my PC, it restarts. I turn around and she had turned on the window portable air conditioner.

I wanted to see if it did it again when the compressor turned on and sure enough, it did.

So what can I do to prevent this? It's not tripping the circuit in the room or the surge protector. Just causing my PC to restart.

Diablotech 600w PSU
AMD FX 8350 (running cool)
ASUS M5a97 LE R2.0
ASUS Radeon 7750
120 GB Corsair SSD
1 TB Seagate Sata HD
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  1. So in layman's terms: When someone turns on something else in the house that consumes a good amount of power, your computer restarts. So the problem is, your PSU isn't getting the power it needs so it shuts down. Nothing is wrong with your computer, you just have bad wiring in your house.
  2. I had a 550w PSU on my old PC and never had the issue. It's not anything in the house as I have several big screen TV's with recievers, multiple computers throughout the house, etc. It's only when the compressor on the portable ac turns on in the room.
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