How do I make my motherboard recognize the size of my 1 TB hard drive?

It sees it, but says it only has 33MB of space and will not load Windows. I need to install WinXP. The hard drive says it is compatible with XP.

Motherboard - Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe
Hard Drive - 1 Tb Seagate Sata WD Caviar Green

I have the motherboard disks, but don't know how to load the drivers without a hard drive installed.
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  1. 1) Try to update the BIOS if you can. If it does not work. try next.
    2) Download the gpaeted live cd, you need to burn it into the CD in other computer, boot it then try reformating the drive to NTFS, it should work.
    Here is info foe the GParted
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