Fair gaming rig, opinions and suggestions please.

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Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next month starting 23/12/13.
udget Range: £500 - £575.
System Usage from Most to Least Important: 90% gaming, rest general internet use.
Are you buying a monitor: No.
Parts to Upgrade: None, from the ground up, I have a 500W Corsair PSU already but I might need to upgrade.
Do you need to buy OS: Yes.
Location: London, England.
Parts Preferences: Intel CPU, EVGA GTX for GPU.
Overclocking: Maybe.
SLI or Crossfire: No / Maybe.
Your Monitor Resolution: Not entirely sure, 24" monitor, not upgrading.
Additional Comments: I would like at least a GTX 660 and 8GB of RAM, I'd like this build to hit around 50FPS on guild wars 2 and 40+ for BF3 (With medium to Low graphics)
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  1. http://www.microcenter.com/site/brands/intel-processor-bundles.aspx

    Do you have a store similar to that of microcenter? They sell an i5 3570k for $180 which is insanely cheap, I know newegg has an i5 3570k but that's over $200, if you could somehow find an i5 for under $200 that would be good for your price range and meet all of your computing needs.
  2. I can buy an I5-3570K from Amazon for £150 ish which I thought was okay.
  3. building new? fill up the new build form from "how to ask for build advice" sticky from the systems section. that's where this thread should go.
  4. Yeah that's a really good price for an i5 3570k, a lot of gamers use that and get really nice FPS. I'd suggest that or an i7 3770k (for a little bit more) but it only has marginal better performance.
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