My computer keeps freezing every hour.

Event log says: DllHost (4476) WebCashlocal: An attempt to open the file "C:\user\user\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\webcache\webcacheVD1.dat" for read only access failed with system error (32x00000020):The process cannot access the file because its being used by another process The open file operation will fail with error - 1032 (Dffffbf8)

Any ideas?
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  1. I've updated all the firmware, software, drivers, etc. I've run virus checkers, and device managers and no luck. I've configured the devices to "remain on" and never shut down. I've checked and reloaded windows keeping my old files. I've run CCleaner, Malwarebites, Essentials, etc. I've run software to manage the temps on all components and they are at 37c. I've cleaned the computer, fans, and power supply. The computer freezes in ANY screen and always in exactly within seconds, one hour. Even in screensaver, signon, gaming, IE, etc. Fustrating as heck! lol
  2. Do you have processes that are set to start an hour after you turn on the computer? You can check by typing services.msc and checking the services that are listed as Automatic (delayed start), another option is possible hardware failure, maybe hard drive is overheating...
  3. Have you tried running your system in clean boot? If not, Open MSConfig, on the General tab, uncheck, Load Startup Items... now go to Services tab, Click on Hide All Microsoft Services, and then click Disable All....

    Restart your PC.... Check if it solves... If yes, the problem is because of the services initiating at startup ......
  4. I have several screen shots to provide with the errors listed. How do I upload them to this thread? I'm slowly disabling each auto start service, but its an hour at a time process. Yes, I've tried safe mode and clean boot. Also, the mouse continues to work on the screen but every icon and program including Task Manager is frozen.
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