Windows 7 won't boot from my old hard drive on my new PC.

Hey there.
I just built a new PC. I put my old hard drive into my new PC so I would have my work files. But every time I try to boot up it keeps coming to windows is having problems booting. When windows asked if I wanted to repair or continue normally. Whenever selecting normally after 10 seconds it restarts and comes back to that. When I hit repair and then select for windows to fix the problems itself. It does not do anything. I had lost my CD key some months or years back so I cant reinstall the OS. I forgot to make a backup image. So please help at risk of losing my job if I can't get the hard drive to work. Sorry if I misspelled anything or using incorrect grammar just freaking out and praying that something works.

Specs if it plays any role.
CPU: Intel i7 4771 @3.5Ghz
MoBo: ASUS Z87-Plus
RAM: Patriot VIper 3 (2x4Gb) 1866Hz
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 205BW
HD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1Tb 7500RPM
Case: Raidmax Blackstorm

Not sure if these will do anything here but just incase.
Mouse: Roccat Lua
Keyboard Sharkoon Skiller
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    you have to re-install windows after changing the motherboard
  2. if you want to retrieve the cd key you have to firstly copy the C:\Windows\System32\config folder on external storage. you can access it with a live cd like ubuntu live cd without installing ubuntu to hard drive. download ubuntu from here:

    next install windows 7 ultimate 64bit in trial mode from here:

    use a program called "ProduKey" to recover windows key. download it fom here

    after that ativate the trial vesion of windows with your key that you retrived from "produkey"
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