Am I having the proper FPS in GTA 4 with my rig?

FPS in GTA 4:

Avg: 31.767 - Min: 18 - Max: 54

My specs:

Intel Celeron G1610
HD 7770
4gb RAM
500gb HDD

Am I having the proper FPS for GTA 4? Or my low-end cpu is bottlenecking my gpu?
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  1. GTA 4 is optimised terribly, and your hardware is not great, Just make sure all your settings are on the lowest possible
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    at what resolutions and details are you gaming at???

    fps seems ok for your specs at med details. your cpu might bottleneck in some cpu intensive games.
  3. Im at 720p and highest settings.
  4. you are fine....gta 4 is indeed very poorly optimized as already pointed out by Willdobbo.
  5. Okay, Thanks for the answers!
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