Win7 64-bit recognizes 24GB RAM, MB sees 32GB RAM

Using GA-X79-UP4 Gigabyte motherboard on Win 7 64-bit. MB sees 32GB RAM; Win sees 24GB.
RAM is G.SKILL 4 x 8GB Sniper.
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  1. Try this:

    Open "System Configuration". (Windows + R), type in "msconfig" and press OK.
    Under "Boot" Tab click on "Advanced Options" and check "Maximum Memory" and select 32768.
    Press OK and Apply.

    I hope that works.
  2. Yes it will! While Win7 Requires that you have at least 2GB, it is not all used by the OS. That is perfect for gaming, however the more the merrier! If you use 32 bit OS, your RAM will be used by the OS and is not good for gaming. But for you, that is just fine  
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