Hard drive recognised by bios but reported as having 0 capacity by Windows disk manager

Recently I removed an old 250gb hard drive from my old laptop that I was no longer using. I removed my files off it then formatted the hard drive and removed the partitions so I could use it as the boot drive for another computer. I left it for about a month while i was working on other projects and when i came back and tried to use it windows would not install.

It was recognised by the bios, so i plugged it in to my other computer and windows boot manager reported it as having 0 gb of space on it. I was also unable to format or partition it. I have tried using different sata ports and cables but have always got the same results.
Is the hard drive dead or have i just missed something out here?
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    If the drive can't be formatted it's usually a sign that it has failed. There's no fix for that.
    If you'd like to be sure before tossing it in the garbage, you can test it with the drive maker's diagnostic software.
    The links are here:
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