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want to buy a laptop.. i3 4th gen vs i5 3rd gen

I am looking for a laptop. My preference is sony vaio because of my past experience with it and also because of the disappointing performance of Asus, Dell and HP.
My purpose includes gaming, coding and applications of all sorts including dual boot.

However, with the arrival of 4th gen machines the prices have gone up. So I am thinking of going for i3 4th gen instead of i5 3rd gen which have comparable prices.

Please suggest
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  1. They are both dual-cores, the i5 has hyperthreading which doesn't benefit games.
    If they both have dedicated GPU's, go for the i5 it has longer battery life and is slightly faster in editing, coding and such.
  2. Both core i3 and i5 have are dual core CPUs and both of them have HyperThreading.

    The primary difference between core i3 and i5 CPU is Turbo Boost. Turbo Boost is an automatic overclock of the clockspeed; assuming if the CPU temps is within reason Turbo Boost will increase the clockspeed above stock speed by 500MHz / 600MHz if only one core is used or 300MHz / 400MHz if both cores are used.

    The Core i3 lacks Turbo Boost.


    If the laptops have a discrete graphics chip like the nVidia GT 730m, then simply choose the one with the most powerful chip.

    If you are simply relying on the integrated graphics core of the 4th generation (Haswell) Core i3 or the 3rd generation (Ivy Bridge) Core i5, then go with the 4th generation Core i3.

    Haswell generation mobile CPUs will have either the Intel HD 4400 (ultrabooks) or HD 4600 graphics core. Ivy Bridge generation CPUs has the Intel HD 4000. The performance difference between the Intel HD 4600 and HD 4000 is about a 33% increase. The Intel HD 4400 is not as powerful as the Intel HD 4600, but it is still more powerful than the previous generation Intel HD 4000.
  3. So I am guessing that i5 should be the better option. However, what about the brand?
    In my last 3 years of college, I have seen laptops being dead in about a year or so except
    for sony vaio. However sony vaio no longer comes with 3rd generation laptops and the 4th generation
    models cost 10k more than their predecessors.

    So any suggestions on a particular laptop with the specified configuration and is reasonable
    would be grateful.
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    go for SONY i5 4th gen.
  5. Sukhdeep_Mangat said:
    go for SONY i5 4th gen.

    How 'bout an BMW i5?
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