Asus P8z77 m PRO and Sapphire HD 7850

Good day, im kinda newbie here.

Well im gonna buy a new video card, and that is Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB

Will this work on my MoBo?
-Asus p8z77m PRO
-i3 2120 @3.30 ghz

cause when i searched google. It says that HD7850 has problems with pci e 3.0. And cant understand anything of what they say. (heres the link of the problem I saw

WIll this video card will work on my motherboard?
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  1. By the way, my monitor only supports VGA, is it OK to user DVI-VGA adapter here?
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    I read the linked post, seems to have been an issue with ATI specific brand and their drivers. I Never use vendor provided video drivers!!!! Goto for the latest AMD13.12 WHQL drivers or here:

    Sapphire is, IMHO, a much better brand. I have purchased man Sapphire cards over the years, never had a bad one. Never had one fail on me....

    Sure you can use a DVI to VGA adaptor, no worries...
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