Drivers for old mobo in win 8

Hi everyone,

I have a kind of old system with a asrock p55 pro and a intel i5 760. I'm currently running windows 7 but I'm thinking of upgrading to windows 8.1. Do you think there will be a problem for me with the drivers for the motherboard or are there standard drivers that can be used? Asrock has not updated the driver site for my mobo since 2010.

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  1. it will be difficult to find the drivers...but not impossible.

    i suggest you collect the drivers before you upgrade.
  2. Ok. Where can I search for them? Do you mean non official drivers?
  3. i haven't found official windows 8 drivers for a p55 board yet.

    not sure if you will have any luck either
  4. Ok, thanks. But isn't there a driver pack included I windows 8? Maybe I can't use them? Thanks for your answers.
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    well driver pack solution is the only hope you have.

    but i wouldn't take the risk upgrading an os only to find that drivers are not available
  6. Ok, thanks again. I wanted to upgrade because I've heard that windows 8 has better performance in games. But you are right, it's not worth the risk.
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