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I wanna purchase a powercolor HD5450 512MB DDR2 cuz it costs very less.I wanna know that will it work on my cpu? Here are my cpu specs-
ddr2 motherboard, 32 bit(I will change it to 64 bit afterwards when i have purchased it),intel pentium 4 @ 2.50ghz, PCIE_E1_16X, PCI-E1_1X(some sort of reading [pcie port] I read on my pc and it is respectively).
And the games i wanna play is GTA4.I opened the powercolor website and found that t had written this is the FAQ [Q-HD5450 PCIe 2.1 suppose to backward compatible with PCIe 1.0. But it didn’t work on my motherboard. A-Some PCI-E 1.x motherboards need to update BIOS to recognize new generation AMD graphics cards. Please contact with your motherboard manufacturers to see if they have BIOS to support newer AMD graphics cards] AND PLEASE tell me waht is bios any sort of software or hardware.
So please tell me will it work on my pc.
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  1. First tell us what you motherboard is.

    BIOS is software. Go to your motherboard manufacturers website. there you will find the latest drivers.
  2. Even if you purchase the video card your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to play.

    Your single core P4 is not enough. You need an Athlon x2 2.4ghz or Approximately a P4 dual core 3.0ghz, or Core 2 Dou 1.8 ghz to get minimal game play
  3. But my motherboard is intel pentim dual core @2.50 ghz any other quest and my motherboard is of of foxconn.
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    The P4D 2.5 and the 5450 are both well below the minimum requirements for the game.
    You might be able to run the game at minimum Resolution and lowest graphics settings but it would not be enjoyable.
    It would be more of a slide show. 15 to 20 frames per second and lots of lag.
    The 5450 is 5 tiers below the recommended minimum. The P4D is around 2-3 tiers below minimum recommended.,3107-7.html
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