Arma 2, Dayz (standalone), bf4 system preformance? Please help

MSI R9 270
ASRock 970-PRO3 R2.0 Motherboard
GeIL 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 Black Dragon C11 1600MHz

How will this setup preform on a 1050p moniter?

And how will this setup preform if i change the fx - 8350 with an fx - 6300
and the r9 270 with a gigabyte 760 2gb.
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  1. i have a fx 6300 8 gb of the same ram and a 7850 which is similar to the R9 270 It plays arma 3 at 720p medium. black ops 2 at high. it will be above average for BF4
  2. not a lot, You would be better upgrading your gpu to a r9 280x, something around that range. maybe a 770. You could also look at upgrading your cpu to something like an i5 however this would also require you to change your mobo
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    Tom's has the 270 playing on High settings @1080 averaging 50 fps. Note, you should expect frames to jump a lot in multiplayer. I average 50-70 frames on Ultra with a 770gtx. Personally, I would get an 8320 as it performs very similar to the 8350 (unnoticeable in gaming) and get a 270 or if your budget permits a 760 which is a little more powerful than the 270.,3669-4.html
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