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DDR3 or DDR5 which is better regarding GFX cards?
When I asked this question a few months ago,some of the TOMs said that 1GB ddr5 is better than 2 GB drr3,but 2 gb ddr3 is much less costlier than 1GB ddr5 ,so which one should I chose?

plz help.thanks in advance!
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  1. 1gb ddr5 is way faster than ddr3.

    whats your budget ? which config you have ?
  2. DDR5. It's much faster than DDR3.
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    choose GDDR5 obviously. however, it depends on your budget, gpu, other parts of your pc.
    GDDR5 (there isn't even ddr4 out yet, let alone ddr5) video ram is much better than ddr3/gddr3 because gddr5 has much higher memory bandwidth. all powerful gpus, even most entry level gpus need high bandwidth, that's why they benefit from gddr5.
    gddr5 chips are more expensive to produce, so memory vendors charge more for them, which results in higher priced gfx cards.
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