I'm locked out of my Toshiba Satellite P105-

I can't get past BIOS setup; I am running Win 8, and haven't had any problems until one day the computer told me I needed a password to gain access! I was working at my desktop in the office, with the Toshiba sitting inches away when this happened. I have never put a password on this, or any of my other computers. Someone mentioned that I had to "Flash the BIOS" is this true? I've never done that before, and am concerned that I might do irreprable harm to my files, documents, and pictures. PLEASE ADVISE.,
Bill Fitch
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  1. Stop spamming this, its against the ToS of service to even ask how to bypass a password.
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    this is a public international forum. do not post your email, you'll just get spammed.

    if it is a work laptop ask the IT department. if its yours and you can prove it ask Toshiba. flashing the BIOS will do nothing to fix it and you can't do it anyway with it locked. no on here is going to help you break into a laptop or bypass security. read the forum rules.

    passwords don't set themselves.
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