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Sir,I possesed a MSI P 43 Neo with a graphic card Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT on OS XP & Vista as both the hardwares are recommended for that only but it is not working properly. Distubance is always occurred while the simple games GTA & Project IGI is on by the children. Request to suggest for further improvement of gaming.
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    Since this is an old board with old technology and that you're playing old games, I wouldn't recommend spending too much on a card. Something like a Radeon 7750 would be plenty enough. If you find it too expensive, a Radeon 6670 would also do the job. These cards will be like 3 times faster than your current 9400GT.
  2. Children playing GTA, What a dumbness... :lol:, but indeed (I know I am joking).

    I would say a 7750.
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