do I need a sound card for astro a40s?

I'm using the M5A97 Evo 2.0 motherboard and I was wondering whether I need to buy a sound card to use my astro a40s as they are what I will be using all the time for my gaming PC.
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  1. No you should be good if your motherboard has onboard sound. But if you wan't the best out of them I would grab a decent dedicated sound card, they're fairly cheap now days.
  2. yeah it has onboard 7.1 so I should be good?
  3. yeah it has onboard 7.1 so I should be good?
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    Most definately, enjoy the head set. Also don't forget after you plug them in go into the sound settings and you can make changes to get the best sound if needed. That's under control panel, most onboard chipsets have surround settings you can manipulate and make sure your audio channels are falling into place as they should.
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