Can I run dual monitors on a GTX 660Ti and also can I use 2 different cables ex. HDMI and DP on the different monitors?

I'am planning to get a second monitor on my setup and the Asus GTX 660Ti only has 1 HDMI, 1 DVI-D, 1 Display Input and 1 VGA ports. With my single monitor I'm using the HDMI but is it possible that I can plug the other monitor with ex. the Display Input cable and will that work fine
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  1. Hello... Yes, you can use the Display port or DVI outs on the video card too for your Second Display, settings and options will be available in Windows, once your new monitor is properly powered and connected to your video card.
  2. It will work fine, but If you planning to use BOTH monitors whilst gaming, it may be a bit awkward.
    It will have the tv frame middle of your pov and you gun, sword, character etc. will have to be on one of the monitors and is generally quite awkward.

    I would recommend a gtx 770 4gb at least to get the most out of muliple monitors
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