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I'm planning on buying this PowerColor 7850 to replace my current Radeon 4850. However, I still have some questions, If I buy a card like this Sapphire 7850 card that has two fans, will it be using more power compared to the PowerColor that only has one fan or is there not much difference at all? Also, does anyone know when PowerColor might restock some of their 7850 cards? Pretty much every site I've been to has been sold out. I was hoping to get one fairly soon. Last question, how exactly do you install drivers when you put in a new graphic cards? Do you install the drivers before or after putting in the new graphics card?
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  1. The fans dont use much power, and the new card probably uses less power than the old one, but do check.
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    The dual fan cards won't use a noticable amount of power than the single card models, since the fans use barely any of the energy used in the cards, they will however run cooler and quieter.

    I don't know when or if they will be back in stock, since that is an older model.

    Installing driver's should be pretty easy. Just plug the new card in, and go online to download the most recent drivers for your card once it boots up. Install them and reboot and you should be good.
  3. It seems the new card uses 20 watts more than you old one, so check your power supply 12 volt rail amps .
  4. Not likely to be re-stocked either, the 7000 series are going bye-bye, if you can find one jump on it, the 'new cards' in the r7/r9 lineup at that performance level cost more.
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