AMD FX6300 running at 62C under load and stock fan at 5300+ RPM

Hi everyone

I recently uprgaded my PC and am using an AMD FX6300 3.5GHz with the stock cooler. I installed the heatsink a bit wrong the first time and under load I was hitting 66C CPU temp (not core temp). I adjusted it and also turned off the AMD Turbo Core to try and get temps down a bit. Now it's at 62C under load. I've been scouring the forums and it seems that this temp for this processor is ok, but not great. I'm not sure whether it's the turbo core that's responsible for the lower temp or whether it's the heatsink adjustment or both. I will turn on the Turbo Core again and check the load temps and report back soon.

So now I'm happy with this temp, but the problem is that the CPU fan goes way up to 5300+ RPM during load and it's pretty noisy. More than the noise, I'm afraid that such a high RPM would wear out the fan much faster. Is the stock cooler really that bad and needs to run at such a high RPM or does my case lack sufficient ventilation? Could other users with this CPU on the stock cooler report their fan speeds?

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    Case fans are sufficient but loud. 62 is actually a pretty good temp under load. If you want it quiet, you have to replace it, but having it run that high will have no effect on the fan's lifetime.
  2. Thanks for your response. I ran a prime95 torture test under the maximum heat and power consumption setting (In-place large FFTs setting). The fan speed was at 5000RPM and CPU was at 68C. This is with Turbo Core re-enabled (though it wasn't being used according to CPU-Z). While I was playing CoD Ghosts, my CPU temp hits about 67C which seems ok, turbo core was being used according to CPU-Z.
  3. Those temperatures are okay. You don't want them much higher than that, but considering that is under maximum load you should be good to go.
  4. Alright! Thanks for your help.
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