Having Trouble Migrating OS to new SSD

Hello All,

I just got a 60gb SSD and want to move my OS (Windows 7) onto it from my current HDD. I've found some tutorials, but they don't quite hold my hand enough (I have pretty much no idea when it comes to imaging and partitions and whatnot). AOMEI Partition Assistant looks like it will make the job easier. When I selected "Migate OS to SSD or HDD" and selected my SSD as the destination, it tells me that I need at least 200gb of unallocated space. It looks like it wants to migrate my entire drive. Has anyone else ever had this problem with AOMEI?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Here, here is a video from Linus showing you exactly how to do it. I don't know if this could help you, but I think it will work. To tell you the truth, I havee never ran into this problem. I hope I could be of some assistance. Merry Christmas. Tim S.
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    Sorry Tim but that video is a full reinstall of Windows.

    Alex, the only program that I am aware of that will take and move 'just windows' is Paragons Migrate OS to SSD. Its a paid program, $20 or less if you find a discount code, and works quite well.

    Everything else just moves your entire windows installation so you first need to uninstall things to make it small enough to fit on your SSD, or just reinstall windows from scratch. (ie - a completely fresh install)
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