How big of a performance increase from 1090T OC to 4670k OC?

As the title states I'm considering upgrading to a 4670k soon. But, before I do I'd like to know if it is a worth wild upgrade. I mainly use my computer for gaming and browsing. I don't stream and I don't often use programs for encoding and such other than the occasional MKV to MP4/AVI other than that it's strictly for gaming and browsing.

Right now, I can run BF4 on all high settings with a minimum 38fps but if I switch to ultra I can see it go down to around 29fps with no AA on or post processing. But, with other games like Titan fall coming out which I plan on getting I wonder if my 1090T can keep up. I would like to wait and see what it can do but at the same time. With boxing day coming up in two days I would have to get the 4670k during this time as I can save a great amount of money.

So, as my question asks. Should I get the 4670K? Will it out preform my 1090T which is over clocked no problem? I want to see a pretty big different for $230 as well as upgrading my motherboard to the ASUS Hero. But, as I again just said I want to know I will be getting a significant increase in performance as well as making my computer future ready for next gen games and for possible new lines like broadwell from intel.
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  1. the newer cpu is faster and you see it when you put in a high end gpu to match the cpu. I went from an odler 775 system to an ib cpu and the speed is night and day.
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    you surely will see a significant difference in performance.,3106-5.html

    as for the upgrade to broadwell thingy, i am not sure you will be to do that.,24767.html
  3. So, I should be seeing a good FPS across all games from the 1090T to 4670k? I do plan on getting a good cooler and going to try to over clock the 4670k to 4.7ghz if I can which is why I'm getting the ASUS hero because I heard good things about that combo..
  4. that combo indeed is good.

    good luck :)
  5. Thanks for the replies. Do you guys have any good benchmarks for the 4670k the ones I have found are older and I wanna see what people have been getting FPS wise in some games so far..
  6. with which gpu do you want a benchmark????
  7. I have a Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB at the moment... may SLI or upgrade later.
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