URGENT - I'm looking for a 27" monitor ideal for gaming


I am looking for a 27" LED monitor for gaming with my Playstation 4 once I get it. I need a monitor that has a good display to show off next generation graphics with a ok reaction time, Have a HDMI connection, Built in speakers and a Line out so I can plug in some speakers into to make it sounds better.

Preferably in a price range of £200 - £300


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I found this monitor but im not sure if i could plug speakers into it and they would work - Asus VN279Q
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    It has speakers integrated. though I wouldn't bother with them TBH, use the 3.5mm audio jack on the monitor to plug in headphones or some other sound solution.
  2. Ok thanks, I cant seem to find anywhere to buy this product what about the Asus VN279QLB
  3. Ive heard both the asus vn279ql and q have black bars showing on both sides and the top
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