I Can't Align Motherboard with Standoffs! (First Time Builder)

Case:Rosewill Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CHALLENGER-U3
Motherboard: MSI FM2-A75MA-E35

I'm trying to install the motherboard into the case but only a few of the standoffs line up. I need help! What do I do?
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  1. Make sure the stand offs are installed into the correct hole on the motherboard tray.
  2. Just unscrew and remove those standoffs that do not line up with the holes in your MB. Relocate the standoffs as needed to line up with MB mounting holes. Most computer cases come with extra threaded holes where you can install a standoff.

    Most of us like to have a standoff in each hole location, but sometimes one or two will be missing. Just be sure that there are no standoffs sticking up under you MB that do not have a corresponding MB mounting hole. Short circuits are bad juju.
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    Yeah, I count nine (9) holes in that ATX MB which is standard. Make sure you have 9 stand off's mounted in your case's MB tray. And, make sure you move them to align with each of the holes in the MB.
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