what video card should I buy. up to $150.00.

Asus, windows 7, Intel Pentium, direct 10 support, pcle2.0 ×16, 2 terabytes. Power supply max 375
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  1. What Asus model is it?
    I need to check it has a pci express x16 slot
  2. It was thrown together so I don't know what Asus model it is.
  3. Ah i see you put that you do have a pcle2.0 ×16 slot in the first post:)
    The maximum your power supply can handle is an AMD 7750 or an Nvidia GT640.

    The AMD 7750 is the fastest of the two and i recommend this one for $99.99

    What do you think of it?
  4. depending on the CPU details and just how good the power supply is, he could go up to a 7850 or 650 Ti Boost, but not likely much further.
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    It's probably an Asus power supply and didn't want to recommend something which it might not power. Also his budget is $150
    Maybe i would recommend an AMD 7770 if i knew what make/model the PSU is
  6. I'm on my way to best buy. Thank you for the help. I will post what I get. I don't want to get to small of one.
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