need a new graphics card to replace nvidia geforce 9400

I have a Nividia geforce 9400 gt and it broke, the fan fell off and now it over heats. I currently have an external fan blowing on it to keep it cool. I would like to buy a new card to either replace or upgrade it. I game, normally just Mobas such as LoL and or Dawngate. Currently My budget is only $40 but with time it will go up as I put money to the side for this purchase, however I really would like a new one as soon as possible, can I please get some recommendations?

(and if it can be found on wallmart the better, but not necessary)
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  1. hd 7750 or r7-250... get the 1gb gddr5 version of either card... both could be had for $60 of you find a good sale. if you want to stick with nvidia the GTX 650 is about comparable with those two cards... though you'll be hard pressed to find one for less then $80
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    ok here' the thing if you were happy with the graphics that you were seeng with the 9400 GT you could* pick up a nvidia 610 GT from wallmart for like $55-60 and I think they have layway so if you have $40 now you can place it down and pay off the other $20 as you get the money. Make sure its at leas the 1Gig version (2 gig version is not worth paying more for).

    Also best Buy has a 610 GT for $50 so it seems a little cheaper than wallmart. However that beeing said you realy should save up for a 7750 with 1 gig of Gddr5. You can find them for $60-70 on sale AR. However wallmart has the following for $90 (not a sale prince

    Ship to store so free shippng and you maybe to place it on layway (not sure who online work) if it carried local.
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