Vaio running vista wireless capabilties doesnt work.

My Vaio running windows vista refuses to turn on the wireless capabilty. All of the networks and connections are running perfectly. But when I diagnose problems it says "turn on wireless capabilties". I have turned it on with the switch on the front of the computer. Same problems.
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    Try re-installing the wireless adapter driver for your laptop model. You can download it from Sony's Vaio Support website:

    Note: the above link is for United Kingdom models. For other countries, click "United Kingdom" at top-left of page.
  2. VAIO's have two switches. The first is a hardware switch located somewhere on the laptop which turns the hardware (minus the radio) on/off. The second is a software switch that turns the radio on/off. To access the software switch you have to install the SmartWi utility for your model from the Sony esupport site.
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