Is an AMD FX6300 Black Edition 6 Core compatible with my motherboard intel nh82801gb

My graphics card is DDR3 if that helps
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    The AMD FX6300 will only work on AM3+ socket motherboards.
  2. Nope.
  3. well if you plan on bening some pins on that thing go for it!! otherwise you can get a mobo for it roughly cheap
  4. NO NO NO! AMD processors require an AMD chipset...Intel processors require Intel chipset! You can not "crossbreed"!
  5. Hello,

    Sorry for my bad english.

    I have a AMD FX6300 Black and it wont work with any new grafik card I have tried. When I place a older Asus 6870 1GB card it works also with the onboard grafik card no problems. I have tried 3 motherboards (Asus and Gigabyte) and many other components like PSU,CPU and memory with no positif result to the grafik cards??
    The cards I have tested are Gigabyte R7 260X OC 2GB, Asus GT640 2GB Silent, MSI GT630 2GB.

    When look to the compatibel list of GPU there may not be any problems??

    I haved send a Asus motherboard for RMA and received the same back.

    Any sugestions??

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