I have a GTX 770 and 1 i5 4570. But i want to buy a AMD A10 6800k. This is the correct choice?

I have a GTX 770 and 1 i5 4570. But i want to buy a AMD A10 6800k. Is better i continue with my configuration or is better i buy the a10? If will be, how much more fps i will get in games like dayz or bf4 ?
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  1. No. The A10 makes no sense whatsoever. Why do you want to buy it?
  2. Take the money you would spend on the AMD A10 6800k, and buy some more RAM? What chipset are you working with in the Haswell family?
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    I've seen the a10 with 70% discount, R$ 250 ( i'm brazilliam, these things are too expensive here, the gtx 770 cost $900 dollars ) or $115. My friend have said for i can gain 20 fps with the a10, and i became interested with this. I have 8gb of ram and i think i dont need more. The only that i need to change in my pc is the CPU Cooler.
  4. Your friend said you could gain 20fps with the A10 over the i5 4570???? With a GTX 770???

    Your friend was very wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. The i5 is more than 50% more powerful than the A10.
  5. Ok, thank you.
  6. core i5 4570 is much more powerfull than A10 6800k. why would you buy it?
  7. your friend needs some intel lessons :)
  8. benchmarks show that i5 is powdrful in both single and multi threaded programs.
  9. you 100% correct Evgalover.
  10. Show the following benchmark to your friend. Hitman: Absolution is a CPU dependent game so a powerful CPU can provide better performance than a weaker CPU. The A10-6800k is not listed, but it is only a slight improvement. The i5-4570 is not listed either, but the slightly slower i5-3470 is in the benchmarks. While the benchmark uses a Radeon HD 7970, it still shows that an AMD APU will provide lower performance.

    I am pretty sure most people would say going from 58 FPS down to 36 FPS is not an improvement in performance.

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