Built a PC, installed Windows 8.1 to my SSD, now my PC has set my SSD as my C drive.

As the topic says, I have a 100 GB SSD that I installed Windows onto. I installed some drivers for my mobo and my friend said to make sure I installed them to my hard drive and not the SSD. I checked and sure enough, I had. The SSD is now my C drive and I can't use my actual hard drive. It says it's there as "Disk 0". I have no clue what to do. Help, please!
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  1. You should always install your windows and drivers on the same drive, in this case the SSD. You should also install the applications on the ssd. The hard drive should be used to store data, such as music files, pictures, word documents etc.

    Where does it say disk 0 for your hard drive?

    I suggest you start from scratch, reinstall windows. And while you are at the reformatting page, reformat your hard drive as well.
  2. Here is a picture that might be of help
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    Did you have anything of value on the HDD?

    Windows has installed the SRP (System Reserved Partition) on the HDD and the remainder is "Unallocated" If you didn't have anything of value on the HDD previously, and you wish to put the Unallocated space to work, simply right click on the unallocated space and select "New Simple Volume" which will guide you through the process of partitioning, formatting and assigning a drive letter to this space.

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