UPS or Plain Surge Protector?

Sorry if this isn't the right section.


I just got my rig done ( and I really want to be on safe side. It's my first ever desktop that I bought with my own money ( I just learned how quickly I can spend my hard earned money and take too long to save T-T, being an adult is hard )

I can buy a surge protector but not an UPS, although I am planning on getting one on my next pay day.

and I'm pretty darn confused about surge protector and UPS

how much "VA" do I need for an UPS? and can I just pick up any surge protector? or do I have to look for something specific? I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough because I really don't know what to questions to ask since I got no clue on surge protectors and ups.

some people told me to go with "APC for UPS and belkin or tripplite for Surge Protector"
I do know I can get these brands in staples in canada.
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    Picking a UPS is very tricky, and I suggest you start a new thread regarding that. Also do some research before hand. A quality UPS can cost around $400.

    A Surge protector should be enough for you, assuming your power doesn't go out frequently and you don't have too many brownouts. you have a very high quality psu that has a high tolerance for input noise.
  2. I've never noticed brownouts because I've been using laptop after my previous desktop which was a gift died on me, although I think it died due to brownouts or when landlord switches the power off without warning me I'm not sure though. because pretty much the only thing that runs on electricity on my room is laptop right now and occasional lamp and chargers.

    I don't mind spending 200$ if its gonna be safe for my workstation because I really need this for college, though $400 is kinda steep for me.
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