Would I see a noticeable speed difference?

I'm building an office/very light gaming PC for my parents for Christmas, and perhaps I was a little too hasty in ordering parts. I saw a 120GB Kingston V300 for 80 bucks, so I bought it since it had a pretty high customer review rating, and good professional reviews. It finally arrived today, and I happened to be doing some more reading about it, when I started noticing topics like these:

Seems like quite a few people are getting much slower speeds with their 5.0.6 version compared to the 5.0.5 version (seq read speeds in the 170-180 MB/s range compared to an advertised 400+) Looking at my packaging, it looks like I have the 5.0.6 version.

Kingston doesn't seem to have any firmware updates available, and people apparently have been having these issues since April. I'm thinking about returning it - my parents won't mind receiving their xmas gift a bit later. However, I live 3 hours away, and I was hoping to have this wrapped up while I was home for the holidays. I should note that I haven't opened this SSD yet to try it, but of the several forum topics I've seen about this SSD, nobody with the 5.0.6 version has shown up to say their speeds were as advertised.

Assuming the SSD I got matches the benchmarks in the forum topic I posted, how will it do as a boot drive for the OS? Because of the geographic complications listed above, I'm still debating whether I'd return it or just suck it up...
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    Sandforce based drives have always had poor performance when data can't be compressed, and those folks in your link are testing the drive with uncompressible data. While you can return the drive and buy another, if it uses a Sandforce controller, it'll essentially have the same performance characteristics. Manufactures can tune things a little, but short of picking an SSD that uses a different controller, you won't see any major differences.
  2. SandForce based SSDs are best in handling on the fly compression! Any SSD controller for that matter will have different algorithms to handle compressible/incompressible data differently, I too notice that SF controllers have minor issues in handling incompressible data. Intel 5xx series SSD are said to have better sequential write performance for compressible data-520 Mbp/s .. I had Intel 520 Driver which is of SF based, My Intel Sequential write upto (SATA 6 Gb/s) ~510 MB/s and Sequential read Upto 550 MB/S.I hope Kingston doesn't have a firmware updater for v300 not even v200... It doesn't have a utility to secure erase either. I read that Sandforce has released Latest FW for other Manufacturers, Kingston updates should be out soon
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