Software installation questions + CPU Temp questions (detailed)

Hello everyone,

I apologize for this is going to be a rather long post since I'm going to go in detail about what i did and did not do on my very first build in hopes of people catching mistakes and/or providing advice. Along with screenshots of temps to see if my numbers are normal.

So i recently put together my very first computer with almost zero knowledge about computers. I'm proud of myself as i got it done in 1 try and it is working just fine. A few things made me feel uneasy though.

#1) Firstly, i had no idea what software to install as far as the CD's that came with all my hardware. I installed Windows 7 Home premium then proceeded to install my motherboard Z87 Sabertooth software. Since i didn't know what i needed or did not need i just used the "InstALL" button on the "Drivers" tab. As for the "Utilities" tab i hand picked what i installed which included; Suite III, AI charger, Asus Boot setting, and CPU-Z. I left out Winzip, Daemon, disk unlocker, adobe, realplayer and web storage. The only 2 from the "Utilities" I was UNABLE to install were "Intel rapid start technology" and "Intel smart connect technology". Do I need these? I get errors on them. For the rapid start i get: "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements" and for the smart connect under iSCTAgent i get: "Platform check failed: Intel smart connect technology not found in BIOS, or is not enabled".

#2) I then i proceeded to install my GTX 770 Lightning drivers. I put in the CD and just hit the "MSI VGA Drivers 320.49" button and I think it did what it was supposed to do. I also installed "MSI Live Update". What I did not install from this CD was "Nvidia Espresso" and "Afterburner". I don't know what those are. Do I need them?

#3) Finally, on to the CPU, thermal paste, and heatsink uneasiness. I used the pea in the middle method but when i was trying to align the holes on my aftermarket Zalman CNPS9900A LED heatsink to the mount i had installed from the back of the motherboard, I had to move the heatsink around a bit and I'm not sure if that effected the proper application of the thermal paste. My temps at idle are in the low to mid 30's, varying between Thermal Radar 2 and HWMoniter. HWmoniter seems to show higher temps than Thermal Radar. While playing a game like the new "Dayz Standalone" Thermal radar shows around 35 while HWMointer shows around 40. I thought all of these numbers were just fine. Maybe a tad on the high end considering i got an aftermarket heatsink. The reason I am now concerned is because i ran Prime95 yesterday and didn't like what i saw. I think my temps were too high and my core temps varied from eachother. Time for screenshots.

These are my temps as I am typing this:.

These were the temps when i was running a Prime95 Blend during the 1024K test. As you can see the core temps are quite a bit different from eachother:

These were the temps when i was running Prime95 Blend during the 8K test. Cores seemed to stabilize:

I ended the test after 30 minutes:

Cores were varying quite a bit during the 1024K test. Then they stabilized during the 8K test. During the 1024K test Core 2 was 5 degrees hotter than core 3. I even saw a difference of 6 or 7 degrees i think at one point between the cores. I don't know if any of this is normal. My temps managed to reach 70 degrees as you can see under the "Max" section in HWMoniter. I just don't know if these numbers are normal with an aftermarket heatsink and no overclocking whatsoever . From what i have read i believe i should be expecting lower numbers. This is what got me thinking that maybe something went wrong with the thermal paste as i was moving the heatsink around trying to align the holes.

Please reply with sections to each problem ive encountered with the corresponding numbers (#1,#2,#3).


Do I need the following software programs and what are they for:

Intel rapid start technology
Intel smart connect technology
Nvidia Espresso

CPU question:

I moved the heatsink around trying to align the holes to the mount and im afraid i ruined the proper application of the thermal paste by doing so. Do i need to be worried? I have an aftermarket heatsink and while running Prim95 blend for 30 minutes my CPU reached 70 degrees (Check screenshots) and my core temps varied by 5-7 degrees from eachother (screenshot). Are these temps normal or should i re-apply the thermal paste? From reading around i think i should be expecting lower temps with an aftermarket heatsink. I'm afraid to do a full session of Prime95. Someone let me know if im in the clear to run a full session of Prime95. Thank you.


i7-4770K 3.5ghz
Z87 Sabertooth
CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB)
MSI N770 Lightning GeForce GTX 770 2GB 256-bit
ZALMAN CNPS9900ALED 120mm 2 Ball Low-noise Blue LED CPU Cooler
Samsung 840 Series 250 GB SSD
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    your temps are fine, and variance if expected between cores. i only worry when my temps go above 90 C and the difference from core to core even after delid is still 5-7C
  2. Added a TL;DR section at the bottom in red color in hopes of getting more input. Thank you.
  3. all i know is that afterburner is an overclocking utility. you could try reapplying thermal paste but 70C is fine
  4. So am I good to go ahead and run Prime95 blend for a few hours? You don't think I messed up the thermal paste application based on my temps? I'll be keeping an eye on the Prime95, at what temps should i cancel the test?
  5. cancel when temps start getting going far over 80, a bit over is fine
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