How to get sound on laptop???

My sound just dissappeared. I dont know what happened... Can somebody please help me get my sound back?
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  1. check in windows sound manager that windows did not mute your speakers.
  2. Make sure it's not on mute.

    If it's not - click your speaker, make sure nothing is mute.

    Are you sure it's not on mute?

    Ok, now double click on the speaker and make sure the audio output is your laptop, unless it's set to headphones, and you have headphones plugged in, use them.

    If that doesn't work.

    Reboot your computer.

    If that doesn't work, turn your sound up.

    Jokes aside, if that still doesn't work, maybe update your audio drivers for your laptop, which you can find at your manufacturers website.
  3. Ive already tried updating it but it still doest work @Carobthomp
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    Go into device manager and check if you have any alerts. As well, go into control panel and into sound options, double check that all audio output is set to speakers. If possible, could you post some screenshots of any issues you may find? Also let me know if you can get it working with headphones. And some laptops as well have a hidden mute option by pressing the "fn" key and then the corresponding F# key.
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