Im building a gaming pc for christmas and would like the opinion of experts

This is my build i have in consideration and also ill will start ordering parts tomorow so i can get build done by new years eve
fx 8320
r9 270x
There was this deal of 10$ more and get free bf4 is it worth it.
8gb 1866 g skill ripjaws x series
1tb wd blue
raidmax rx 700ac 700wats
msi 970a g46
I have three cases in consideration
collermaster haf 912
nzxt source 210 window
nzxt tempest 210
Thank you for helping
also i dont play to intensive games
so dont recommend me to buy a gtx 770 or something
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    swap out the no name raidmax for a cosair or a seasonic clone or an evga power supply.
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