I'm already spending 1.55k. Should I spend a little more to overclock?

The prices listed are the cheapest from areas where I can pick up from. If i were to overclock I'd have to spend another $100+ which would be for gaming and casual video editing. Reason being as I'm not a fan of the GA-Z87-D3HP which would cause me to spend $75+ on a new mobo and $20-$30 on the 4670k.


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  1. If you want to spend a 100 dollars to overclock the CPU to get an increase the gaming experience....

    Why not just go for a Gtx 780 which would double your gaming experience at 500 dollars which is 130 dollars more than your preferred card.

    Also I believe, a core i5 4430 for 185 dollars or core i5 4570 for around 200 dollars, does nothing bad for the gaming, because both are core i5's, but it can vastly improve your gaming performance if you spend this extra cash on Gtx 780.
  2. In Australia, a GTX 780 costs at least $600. That's an extra ~$230-250.

    But I do agree on a cheaper processor. The i5-4440 is ~$200 in Australia. That will save you an extra $45.

    On overclocking, I don't think it's worth it but it's up to you. You'll already be able to max out anything at 1080p.
  3. ok too easy doesnt look like im ocing this system.. You sure the 4440 will be sufficient in not being bottlenecked by the 770. I was also planning on doing a little video editing not extreme hence why im not goin for an i7 but yeah thoughts?
  4. The 4440 would be sufficent for the gtx 770. You could always spend a bit less on the case or other items to give you a bit more room for a 4670 / k version.
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    If you're not doing video editing often and it's nothing too extreme, then an i5 is fine for your needs. And yes, an i5-4440 will not bottleneck the GTX 770.
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