Cannot Get 2nd Samsung 840 Pro To Work

ok so i have 1 128gb samsung 840 pro running windows and a few games.

i just bought another but i cant get it to work.

i plugged it in, started up the computer, and went to my computer - then manage.

in disk management there was a 128gb drive with unallocated space.

i created the drive to mount to letter D and it wanted to do a quick format.

the format failed. and now the drive completely disappeared from everywhere.

it doesnt show up in bios, device manager, my computer, or disk management.

i returned the hard drive and just received another one.

happened to this one too!

computer specs :
i5 4670K Processor
MSI N780 Lightning GFX Card
ASRock Extreme 4 Z87 Motherboard
2x 4gb 1866mhz Memory
1x 128gb Samsung 840 Pro SSD (Trying to install a 2nd one)
Corsair 500R Case
Corsair HX750 Power Supply
Corsair Seidon 120M Liquid CPU Cooler
no optical drive

can you guys please please help me, thank you! Merry Christmas
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    First, install the drive in your computer: connect data and power cables. Next, run Samsung "Magician" software and perform a "Secure Erase" on the new SSD. This will return the drive to "fresh-out-of-the-box" status.

    Next, go to Windows Disk Management and right click on the new drive: select "New Simple Volume". This wizard should walk you through the steps to create a new Simple Volume on the SSD. Suggestion: leave at least 10% of the new SSD's capacity as "Un-allocated" for the purpose of over-provisioning. You don't want to completely fill an SSD as this will cripple performance.

    Good luck!

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