Which Games Will Intel HD 2500 Integrated Graphics Play?

I recently built a gaming rig, but I haven't purchased a video card. I found out that my CPU (i5 3330) has Intel HD 2500 Integrated graphics and so I was wondering that which games will I be able to play until I purchase my dedicated graphics card. All help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. all the games in the prev years lets say from 2002 till max 2010
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    However, don`t expect any high settings for any of these games.
    For example, the Intel HD Graphics 4600 on my i5 4670k could not get playable framerates in BF3, but I don`t remember if I was in 1080p or 720p.

    So I would not count too much on the power from your integrated video output.

    Just try out some F2P games, and try to get your GPU soon, because without one it`s pretty hard to do any good gaming.
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