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So currently i do not have an intake fan at the front of an exhaust fan at the back, i am unsure as to how many fans i would need and if it would actually reduce temperatures. Right now my cpu temps are way too high (max 80 Celsius). With the case open and a fan pointing in the temperatures reduce to about 60 at 70% load. I would like to know if adding fans will reduce the temperature a lot or if i would have to get an aftermarket cooler for my cpu.

So can anyone advice me as to how to bring my temps down. Do i need to install an intake, exhaust and an aftermarket cooler or just intake and exhaust?

Budget of around £40.
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    First of fans are useless without good cable management so make sure all cables in the case are tidy and tied back. Case depending the best Fan setup is Front=intake, Rear=exhaust. If you have other fan mounts then top=exhaust. Providing you have good case air flow then you will notice a drop in CPU temps by adding the extra fans. If the temps are still high (the stock CPU coolers are a bit rubbish) then the Hyper evo 212 is probably the best low budget aftermarket cooler (buy this as last option, case fans are no that expensive).
  2. My cables are all really tidy and hidden, so would i put a 120mm fan at the front and one at the back? Do i need anything else? My case has a side fan (80mm), that is intake should i replace that?

    Also my case is 410 x 200 x 480mm (HxWxD) in size. Would that cooler be able to fit?
  3. Yeah Put in front intake and rear exhaust and side intake. Monitor temps after that. If it still running warm the the EVO will fit in that case.
  4. I checked in my motherboard manual and it has a 4 pin cpu fan header and a 3 pin system fan header. I don't think that will be enough for 3 new fans? As one is for the cpu fan so i only can add 1 extra fan.
  5. If you need to attach more fans but arent worried about the speed they run at you could always power them via the main molex connectors with

    Simple and inexpensive. :)
  6. Thank you guys for your help

    I added my new fans and now my idle temps are 26

    After running Prime95 for 20 mins my load temps were 40.

    Thanks for your help, now my computer is working perfect :D
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