Need help! No display output, gpu fans not spinning

So I have a 2 year old rig, all the components are the same age or newer. Earlier today when I installed a new SSD and turned my pc on for the first time today, there was no display output coming from the gpu. The gpu fanswill jerk at first but will not continue to spin. No POST beep either, but cooling fans for the rig and the cpu fan will spin. Also, normal humming sounds are present. I'm not sure if the installation of the SSD is linked to this issue. I've heard that this might be due to a failing psu. Any solutions???

My rig:
Gtx 560ti
2x4gb ram
500w fsp aurum psu
1tb hdd
500gb hdd
240gb SSD
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  1. Failing PSU is the right answer.
    Although you can try to remove the SSD and put in the old HDD and recheck if you haven't done that and see if it works....
    But I have my doubts.....
    The Failing PSU should be the right thing.
  2. Yup I unplugged the SSD from the psu, no change. I don't mean to doubt you or anything, just wanna understand the problem better, but if the psu is failing why are the rest of the components still able to run?
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    The PSU supplies power to a lot of components individually too. Some of the circuitry in the PSU might be giving way, meaning it may not supply adequate current output to particular components that's why somethings work and some don't. Also if the minimum required current is supplied when the rig is started you will get signs of life , but, the PSU is not being able to sustain the required levels of current, thus a dying down effect, mainly attributed to capacitors.
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