What are the top five Intel Pentium processors in order of performance?

Please can you give me as list of the top 5 pentium processors in order of performance. (I tired googling it but I got no relevant results) Thanks in advance.
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    Well.. there are many in this generation only, but I assume that you want to know about the more popular ones.


    Pentium G3220 > Pentium G2120 > Pentium G2020 >Pentium G850 > Pentium G640

    If you only want to know about the most powerful irrespective of the popularity, then this is the order :

    Pentium G3430 > Pentium G3420 > Pentium G3220 > Pentium G2130 > Pentium G2120

    Reference reading the model numbers :

    Pentium G3xxx --> 4th Generation Haswell CPUs
    Pentium G2xxx --> 3rd Generation Ivy Brudge CPUs
    Pentium G8xx --> 2nd Generation Sandy Bridge Higher End Pentiums
    Pentium G6xx --> 2nd Generation Sandy Bridge Lower End Pentiums

    I hope this piece of information helps.
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