WD My Cloud system storage full, unable to do a full restore, dpkg interrupted and I cant make it normal

My WD My Cloud is a 3TB one. It's connected to a Lan CAT 6 wire. Everything is fine but the restoring process is taking forever. also, the Network Light Blinks, The LED is Blue, Power supply is normal, everything is normal, Except the dashboard which has HUGE latency, it feels like the dashboard froze and I never got it finish updating in fact.

Hey BTW should I upgrade the ram and how? I wish to install X Window with LXDE and IceWM and use it as a game server(too much for an ARM powered Brick?PS the game is in Java)

PS my router is an TL-WR1043ND and The PC i am accessing the dashboard from is connected wirelessly however The Semi-NAS is Connected using a LAN cable. I am in Hong Kong
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  1. it never got finished updating ...what?
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    popatim said:
    it never got finished updating ...what?

    ... I mean the dashboard is unresponsive

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