msi 770 ligthning over clock, to much or low voltage?

my settings are (msi after burner)

core voltage:+12

memory voltage: +60

aux voltage: +30

power limit 109

memory clock: +130

core clock: +90

the gpu is max 57 celsius so thats good :)

i actually notice the diffrence between the oc and non oc, but im playing around 40 min and then direct x stop working (only when im playing bf4, works great with other games)

is it because i have to much voltage or to low?
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  1. It means your voltage is too low. Couldn't tell you if your core or memory voltage needs to be upped (or both), but at least one of them needs to be higher.
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What happen if you run the game at stock settings? Does the problem continues?
  3. the game? you mean run it in lower settings? or?
  4. I mean not use overclock for run the game, all your components at stock and game at full details.
  5. well, nothing happends then, no problems, but want higher fps
  6. Like I said, you need more voltage.
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