Can i make my new HDD as my primary windows 7 boot drive while i have an old HDD as my secondary?

As it was said above, i am planning on buying a new HDD around 250 GB storage, because my old HDD, which is 1 TB, is really slow as it has been formatted many many times. So, my question is: can i buy a HDD with windows 7 installed so i boot my windows with it, while i have my old HDD (which also has windows 7 in it) as my secondary storage drive? Just to make it a little bit more clear, i only want to boot my windows with the new HDD and save files on my old HDD which also has windows 7 installed. By the way, i don't really want to format again my old HDD..
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  1. you will never find a new hdd that has windows installed, for compatibility reasons.

    you can use a cloning software to clone the system partition on your current hdd and use that image in the new drive. i this way you will keep all your files and installations intact and will be able to use the new hdd as your boot drive.

    use which ever you like. some are free while others aren't.
  2. Yeah, i know what u mean. But, what i meant was that i was gonna install windows myself on the new HDD. I wouldn't use your idea on my occasion, because i believe my pc is a bit infected with malware and stuff. So, i just want to know if i can use a new HDD, with windows installed on it, to be my primary boot drive while i have my old HDD as my secondary. I made this thread because i don't know if i can have 2 HDDs with windows 7 installed on both and have 1 of them as my primary boot drive. As i said, i am not willing to format my old HDD and keep only the files that i want too (unless there is no other way).
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    it is possible...just plug in your new hdd>get into your bios and make the new hdd your primary boot drive
  4. So, i won't have any problem having windows 7 on both HDDs and my new HDD won't get infected from my old HDD..?
  5. no, you wont ...when you have set your new as the 1st and only boot device
  6. Thanks! one more question, with my new HDD my pc won't be as slow as it is with my old HDD, will it?
  7. which is the new HDD u intend to purchase?
  8. I don't really know.. I just know which is gonna be the price and maybe i'll buy a Western Digital HDD. I wanted to be sure if it is possible to have 2 HDDs with windows 7 on both on one system before i look up for one. Thanks for the help! :D
  9. it is perfectly possible....just that with a traditional hdd you wont get very tangible performance benefit
  10. What you are saying is that it will be a waste of money? I had a thought that since my pc takes to boot up like 1-1.5 minutes, it would be better to use a new HDD just to boot up windows faster as well as opening programs faster.. Am i wrong here?
  11. well with a new hdd and a clean installed os, you will see a little benefit for sure.

    just don't expect a hell and heaven difference
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