Asus M4A77D PCIE2.0x16 slot will it handle a PCIE3.0 card?

Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer me. I have an Asus M4A77D mobo, BIOS v2201, Chipset RX780-SB700, AMI with a PCI Express 2.0x16 slot. The mobo is working well, but I'm not happy with the PCIE 2.0 card, and was wondering if a 3.0 card would work in the 2.0 slot. I went on the Asus website, but they have discontinued support for this board, so I came here for advice. I have done a little snooping around, and there appears to be mixed opinions as to whether or not this is a good idea, so I came here hoping for a more definative answer........ As far as I know the BIOS and Chipset are the latest. OS is WinXP SP2. Thanks again. Chris
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    You are fine because the pcie3.0 is backward compatible with the pcie2.0, also has the review " PCI Express 2.0 vs 3.0 GPU Gaming Performance Review ".
  2. Already answered, you can use a PCI-E 3.0 card in a PCI-E 2.0 system....

    BUT, what type of card are you adding? I'm assuming a new GPU? IF so, please provide model of old and new card. And, the brand and model of your systems power supply. The concern here is, your upgraded GPU may ALSO require you upgrade your power supply in-order to work correctly......
  3. Thanks guys! I am presently running a 750w PS, driving the mobo, vid card, sound card, 3x HDD, 1 internal cd drive, 1 external cd/dvd. I have been using the EVGA line of cards, presently the GT630, formerly the GTX 550Ti. Both have been.......OK. I have had issues, particularly with Steam applications. Not sure if it's driver issues, or NVIDIA issues or what. Have tried juggling drivers and such with little success. Not sure if it might be an NVIDIA vs AMD issue or not. I think I'd like to go with someone other than EVGA at this time, maxxing out at around $250, and would consider AMD..... any recommendations (or otherwise)?
  4. Ah, adding a GPU. Your 750watt power supply is plenty for any Single GPU. In the $250 range I recommend a GTX760 or an AMD 270X. Brands, Sapphire, Gigabyte, ASUS....
  5. Thank you jb. I'm actually looking at the MSI 760 series of cards at newegg. The Asus cards are not getting good reviews...... I have an email in to the folks at MSI to see if they think there might be issues between their cards and my mb. Thanks again for your input! Have you heard of any issues between Asus boards and either NVIDIA or AMD? I hadn't, just wondering if that might be a source of some of my issues....
  6. Hmm, never heard a bad word about ASUS GPU's....

    And, NVidia video drivers are generally rock solid. No real issues. Even AMD drivers are good, for a Single card (they have had some issues with dual-card Crossfire setups especially on new games when they 1st come out.

    MSI make great GPU's, I had a pair of their MSI Talon Attack 460's for a couple years, good cards.... ASUS, I have one of their GTX690's no issues in the year or so I've had it.
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