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Hello, yesterday I was told by some forum members that I cannot use my 2 year old AOC 1080 p monitor for my new 290x card I bought today. The news were bad to me, since I do not really want to spend money for another monitor, when mine is just perfectly fine.

The card has one DP, one HDMI and 2 DVI ports, whereas my monitor only has a VGA port. Isn't there a VGA to DVI converter adapter, instead of me having to buy a HDMI / DVI monitor? This is how the port looks like on the card:

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Which card model did you buy?
  2. Sapphire R9 290x BF4 Edition
  3. You can use a DVI to VGA adpater and it should work. It's best to stay away from VGA on high end graphics cards because it really limits the potential but seeing as your monitor only supports VGA, you should get the adapter and enjoy your new Graphocs Card :)
  4. The 290X has an all-digital output. You will require an active converter to produce a working VGA signal.

    It looks like this

    Look for one at a local computer store.

    DO NOT get one of those short passive adapters. They cannot turn a digital signal into analog.
  5. But the port is DVI-D which means digital only, since my monitor is analog, will an adapter even work? The link that siddhart posted is for a DVI-I port, which is not the case.
  6. How bad does that adapter affect the quality of the image?
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    Won't affect the image quality. Because VGA is more than capable for 1080p.

    Your monitor only has a VGA port, nothing to complain about.
  8. Thank you guys for your effort and help. I will look for a converter in my country.
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