Toolbar hijack by search.conduit, pop-up add in bottom right corner saying third party wants to change my home page.

I have an annoying repeating pop-up box on the bottom right corner of the screen that says a third party is trying to change my home page. I have also noticed that instead of the usual bing or google search.conduit opens up instead. I have read about search.conduit and am worried it is a toolbar hijack that is used to skim information?
Any help? Thanks!
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  1. Try going through your browser extensions.

    Conduit is a component based toolbar extension that allows vendors to change various things on the browser as well. Most vendors are honest and ask you if you want these changes applied, but some just hijack it.

    There are so many different companies that use conduit toolbar that hijackers that use it may not show up on all malware scanners.
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