What are some good Linux distros for an everyday computer?

i need to know the bestest linux distros for a computer noob like me? i just want to look at my emails and videos on internet, i am tired of paying hundreds of dollars for crappy windows.
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    If you are coming from Windows, I'd suggest Linux Mint or Ubuntu, they are both very simple to use. I am glad you are joining the Linux team,
    Good luck! :D
  2. I would suggest the same as Koodoo, both are easy and the installs should go faster than a normal Windows install. Once you get your feet wet you have a massive world of versions you can test to find the one you like the best.
  3. thank you for the quick answer i think i will try ubuntu, there website is very helpfull.
  4. Ubuntu if you want eye candy and a launcher similar to MacOs. Linux Mint if you want something simpler and faster. LUbuntu for an older computer. Can't go wrong either way.
  5. mint
  6. I'd also suggest Mint, more specifically KDE. I swich distributions occasionally just to see what's out there but I've had the best luck with Mint KDE (at least with my hardware). Everything works out of the box. And KDE has wobbly windows which is pretty flashy!
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