Is it safe to buy eizo monitor ?

hey all, i am looking forward to buy Eizo Foris FG2421,
but what terrifies me is their no-return no dead pixels warranty..
i read about people who couldnt even get their monitors fixed or they got another
monitor with same problems.,
so i contacted my local eizo distributor and i got this responce:
"This is because the quality of our products are excellent with very high standards, as you already know."
I'm kinda scared of throwing 700$ and getting stuck with a bleeding/dead pixel monitor

anyone have experience with their service that can give me some info?
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    if any of these stories are true you just answered your own question. stay away from them.just how good are these monitors supposed to be,being as they cost $700?thats a lot of money for a monitor imho.
  2. For $700, a 24" monitor had better..... I can't say it in here.
    I'm seeing them elsewhere for $550-$600.

    I'd have a REAL hard time justifying a $700, 24", monitor. Even $550. And with those reviews. Run away!
  3. well this monitor is supposed to be the best out there as being VA, i can handle the price since you dont buy monitor everyday. but 1% to get a faulty monitor then what? the reviews were for other monitors i didnt read about this one.but it can happen to me as well as anyone to get a faulty one.
    Here in europe its 550euros(750$) in local eizo but yes amazon has the monitor for 600$. dont know if amazon would be different with rma though
  4. a monitor,at that price,without a real warranty? your choice.
  5. well you are right i was just flashed by reviews that missed the main point.. thanks for your time
  6. no sweat.always happy to be negative when called
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