Can my laptop's gpu or cpu be upgraded ?

i have a lenovo z585 A10 quad core. 7660g+7670m . i was wondering if the gpu or cpu can be upgraded.
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  1. no, it cant :/
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    No. The discrete graphics chip would be soldered into the motherboard.

    Based on the integrated Radeon HD 7660g graphics core, you likely have the most powerful Trinity APU available. Technically you can physically install a Richland generation APU into the laptop since both Trinity and Richland mobile APU are socket FS1 (FS1r2). However, the problem is that the laptop will likely not function if the BIOS does not recognize the APU.

    I highly doubt Lenovo released a BIOS update that would allow you to upgrade to a Richland APU, but it does not hurt checking their support page for such a BIOS update.
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